Is there a way to customize On-Premise UI?

  • You can edit the index.html file in the package root and put your logo somewhere in the page header or anything you want in the page footer.
  • You can also change the color scheme of the charts by editing js/chart-theme.js :

      //main colors:

      download_chart_color = '#00FFFF',  //sky blue

      upload_chart_color = '#FFFF00',    //yellow

      download_text_color = '#00FFFF',  //sky blue

      upload_text_color = '#FFFF00',    //yellow

      download_shared_text_color = '#00B2B2',  //darker sky blue

      upload_shared_text_color = '#A3A300',    //darker yellow

      pie_chart_color =  '#FFC285'; //orange

  • Or you may want to change the layout and position of the charts by editing css/main.css 
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