Where are SpeedOf.Me test servers located?

Here are SpeedOf.Me PoP locations:

  • North America:

Ashburn(2), Atlanta(2), Chicago(2), Dallas(2), Los Angeles(5), Miami(2), New York(2), San Jose(2), Seattle(2), Newark, Boston and Philadelphia

  • Europe:

Amsterdam(2), Frankfurt(3), London(2), Madrid(2), Paris(2), Vienna, Copenhagen, Stockholm(2), Helsinki, Milan and Warsaw

  • Asia:

Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Noida, Batam, Osaka, Tokyo(2), Jakarta, Kaohsiung and Seoul

  • Australia:

Sydney, Melbourne

  • South America:

Sao Paulo

Most updated list can be found here: http://speedof.me/howitworks.html 

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