What is the difference between Mbps and MBps?

  • kbps (KiloBits per second):  equals 1000 bits per second. Usually used to measure general Internet speed for slower connections.
  • kBps (KiloBytes per second):  equals 1024 bytes per second. Usually used for file download/upload speed for slower connections.
  • Mbps (MegaBits per second):  equals 1000 kbps (KiloBits per second). Usually used to measure general Internet speed for faster connections.
  • MBps (MegaBytes per second):  equals 1024 kBps (KiloBytes per second). Most of the files on your computer are measured in MB (MegaBytes). Usually used for file download/upload speed for faster connections.

SpeedOf.Me measures your download/upload speed based on Mbps. To calculate your MBps speed, simple divide Mbps by 8:

MBps = Mbps / 8


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