SpeedOf.Me is designed to replicate real-world browsing and downloading conditions. You may not compare SpeedOf.Me result with other speed tests. Here's why:

  • SpeedOf.Me is a single threaded test while most others (like the one that you have used) are multi-threaded. SpeedOf.Me uses a single connection to download the sample files which is closer to what users actually do in their everyday browsing and downloading.
  • Muti-threaded test are heavily adjusted. They usually estimate (and not calculate) your speed. (See this: http://goo.gl/72DmZ4)
  • SpeedOf.Me utilizes CDN (with super-fast Terabits connections) to host its sample files which is not comparable to regular servers with limited bandwidth
  • SpeedOf.Me uses native browser capabilities (HTML5/JavaScript) not third-party plugins like Flash or Java which have their own overhead
  • SpeedOf.Me has a unique algorithm that cannot be tricked by PowerBoost or similar speed enhancement tools

In short, the results you get with SpeedOf.Me are more accurate and representative of your actual Internet quality. 

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